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Smart Multi Clipboard Review

It is always great to get Critic’s reviews on your hard work, But it is greatest when the reviews are very positive.

Smart Multi Clipboard as Reviewed by APPREVW.COM, Thank you APPREVW.COM for your review to our app and giving your feedback over it to the users.

Here is what APPREVW.COM says about our most widely used app Smart Multi Clipboard(Exactly As on APPREVW.COM):

Smart Multi Clipboard Review

Smart Multi Clipboard, an Android App, designed to save copied / written text and facilitate to paste in any other Application on device. This App is an extension to the default copy, paste application.


  • Copy multiple items and facilitate to paste in any other APP.
  • Auto read and copy OTP (One Time Password) SMS
  • Access Clipboard with tap on bubble icon


The text copied from any APP like internet browser, message, email etc. will be attached to the Smart Multi Clipboard and facilitate to paste in any other APP

Smart Multi Clipboard has two divisions:

Division 1: Copied Clipping list List of copied text can be viewed. With one tap on the text the options to edit or share on other APPs like email, whatsapp etc. can be accessed. From the options at the top of the list, list can be sorted, starred (for important text items), deleted.

Division 2: Added Clipping list – Frequently used text list can be saved. Similar to division 1, options to edit, share, sort and delete are available. From “+” available at right bottom additional text items can be added.

From “Menu” available at top left settings page can be accessed. In settings page, enable or disable smart copy (auto copy), pointer auto position adjust, OTP SMS reader, bubble point (shortcut to access clipboard) and pointer size, transparency, colour, window size can be modified.
Our opinion: Over all in our opinion, Smart Multi Clipboard is designed as a combination of an advanced Clipboard to paste multiple text items, frequently used text items like address, mobile, email etc. and sharing APP to share copied text items in communication APPs like whatsapp, messaging, email etc or in any other APP. If you are engaged in marketing jobs this APP is definitely useful.


Read the complete review here: Click to open APPREVW.COM in new windows.


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