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Google Playstore Current Downloads 12 April 2016

Isn’t it great to see your child, your product, your efforts growing right in front of your eyes? Smart Multi Clipboard or┬áMulti Clipboard and OTP Viewer today crossed 5000 unique user installs benchmark on Google Playstore.

Google Playstore Current Downloads 12 April 2016

It is always pleasant to provide users best experience and tools to make their life easier. With Smart Multi clipboard, we have done the same. With it’s multi-copy clipboard feature, it provides user a clippings stack that has all the list of copied texts and you can use it anywhere in any app or directly send these clippings from Smart Multi Clipboard to any app. You can access the app directly or can enable floating bubble which floats on screen and can be as small as you want. Once touched, this bubble expands and shows all the clippings you have done so far and from this screen, you can easily click on any copied text and paste into the text area.

The OTP reader/viewer feature in addition to clipboard manager gives enhance readability to the users. Here is how it works:

Once you enable this OTP Reader/Viewer feature, This app keep an eye in incoming SMS and as soon a SMS arrives into your inbox which contains OTP (One Time Password), it auto copy the OTP code as well show on screen in a floating widget. You don’t even need to open your inbox to check, read or remember the OTP code. The floating widget is completely movable and comes right on screen where you are. No need to switch between apps or inbox.

So once you have OTP message on screen as well the OTP code copied into clipboard, Either you can directly tap and paste the code in OTP area or type in the code into text area seeing from the floating widget.

Isn’t it a┬árevolutionary idea?

Please provide your feedback in comments below to help us make it even more better and user friendly for you.

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