What Is Smart Multi Clipboard?

You can copy and keep multiple clipboard items!

This app is specially useful for Those users who want to copy and keep multiple texts/sentences so that they can use it later and they don’t need to type it again and again.With this you can also add multiple pre-defined texts/sentences like your Full name, Address, message or anything text.
you can also re-size the size of the floating bubble as well can change color of the bubble and size of SMC(Smart Multi Clipboard)
transparency and size of the popup.
To use this app, simply add the templates, the app will keep them, To use/paste the texts in text area, touch the bubble,
select the desired template(Copied/Added text) and it will get pasted into the text field.

Here are some other features of this app:

–With Double click on the bubble, You can lock your phone instantly.
–On long touch of the bubble, you can clear your phone memory(RAM) to run the phone faster.

Download Smart Multi Clipboard From Google Play Store

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Discover All Features


    The clipboard of SMC holds multiple item at a time
    which is very useful for users.


    With Double click on the bubble, You can lock your phone instantly.


    OTP auto read feature from SMS & to copy OTP from floating SMS.


    You can also manage the Setting of startup of this app.

  • Floating OTP

    OTP Floating SMS display the feature to enter OTP manually in your device.


    You can adjust the enable pointer appearance, Size, color and transparency of the pointer.


    Long touch of bubble to clear your phone memory(RAM) to run phone faster.

  • Startup Guides

    All step by step instruction are given to use the SMC app.



SMC app is available on Play Store and compatible with all the version of android.

Click here to download:-

Smart Multi Clipboard




Setting of Clipboard

SMC has quick settings to fully customize app according to your use.
-SMC accessible setting: using bubble or notification panel
-Bubble enable/disable with size of bubble
-Size of SMC window
-OTP enable/disable.

Smart Multi Clipboard

The clipboard in android only holds one item at a time
and can be frustrating if you are working with multiple items.
Clipboard Manager lets you store multiple items and access them as needed using bubble or notification panel.



Added Cliping Lists

You can add our quick clipings which you use frequently (like address,e-mail).
Using bubble or notification panel use it when it needed.

Copied Cliping Lists

SMC automatically saves everything you copy from everywhere and allowing you to select quick actions for clipings.
Add favourites and use copied elements again and again!



“Excellent ……. Really very good app… easy copy and pest in any apps…. Thanks Indian Developer”

Chandu Bhai Jalia

“Nice, I like it. So smoothly to use and easy.”

John C

“Great app, except that the native clipboard does not work in this app itself, for adding info to Clipping List. Or, there should be an option to transfer copied text to Clipping List. Fix it.”

Tushar Chandwani

“Excellent App. This Smart multi clipboard app saves a lot of time and makes copy paste work very easy. Worth using!”

Deeksha Thakur

“Excellent App for multi copy use. With the Own text saving option, it saved lots of time in entering address and names every time I need to. Good App”

Akash singh


We want everyone to have the best possible experience with the SMC App we make. So you can save lot of time by using the SMC App.